ECP Spotlight - Phillip McKee

By Chris Swenor on October 31, 2016

Phillip McKee in front of the Boston skyline

Phil McKee is a jack of all trades - and if it comes to marketing, craft beer, movies, or video games, consider yourself in especially good hands.

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Phil, who serves as one of our Relationship Managers here at East Coast Product, prides himself on being prepared to meet just about any situation with a can-do attitude.

“At a startup, you really have to be ready for anything,” said Phil, a 22-year-old Schenectady, NY native and current Brookline resident. “My primary focus is sales, so that involves prospecting and nurturing leads. But I also am a catch-all for all things even remotely marketing related.”

Phil said he prides himself on going above and beyond for our clients and that it’s the personal touches that make working here so rewarding.

“I always stay true to our values, and I always try to help and be human,” he said. “I think that is one of the best things about ECP. We are built around the belief that we should only help and never offer our clients anything that wouldn’t be in their best interest.”

Phil McKee with a bird on his head

Like most of our team, Phil prides himself on doing his best work not only for our clients, but for the rest of our team, who he considers family.

“I love the fact that I get to help our clients realize their full potential,” he said. “I also love that I’m able to organize Board Game Night here at ECP and work with some pretty incredible people. The hardest part of being in sales is that if I fail, I fail everyone that works for the  company and relies on ECP for a paycheck. Rather than letting that idea add stress and keep me down, I use it as a motivator. I love the people that I work with, and that’s why I want to close business.”

But we also know that Phil, who describes himself as “the biggest craft beer, movie, and video game snob,” is serious about his hobbies.

“I feel like my hobbies define who I am, and I don’t do anything half-assed”  he said. “This year alone, I have tried nearly 500 unique beers, seen a couple dozen ‘After Midnite’ movies at my favorite theatre, and put a few hundred hours into Overwatch”

Black and white photo of Phil using a VR headset

We might want to add food to the list of things Phil takes seriously. If you judge a person by their idea of a perfect last meal, Phil may be “Food Level-Expert.”

“Sous vide NY Strip and fresh oysters with a side of shaved black truffle fries and rosemary garlic aioli served with Trillium’s Double Dry Hopped Summer Street,” he said. “Either that, or the McRib, since it’s only available certain times of the year just to buy myself more time.”

Like many of us at ECP, Phil also always eager to share his knowledge and talents with the community in an effort to improve the quality of life of those around him. For Phil, giving back to his community is a way to help set right the inequality he feels is a problem today.

Phil standing in front of a crowd at ECP's Board Game Night

“That is something that actually my favorite organization, Resilient Coders, tries to combat with technology,” he said. “They teach youth from typically underserved and underrepresented communities how to code, setting them up on a lucrative and viable career path.”

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