In case you haven’t heard we are a bunch of JavaScript nerds at East Coast Product. Like Batman and his utility belt or Michael Knight and Kit, JavaScript is our go-to tool. JavaScript is the popular kid on campus and has a very active community, which has lead to robust open source technologies.

Here are a few of our favorites:


It feels like there's a new UI library to learn every week now. But we only have eyes for one: React. React allows us to build performant, client-side web applications efficiently. The component-based structure and easy-to-read syntax makes collaboration between our developers and and our clients easy. It's also integral to our design philosophy because it encourages our designers to create scalable design systems, not just individual pages.

React Native

React Native lets us build native Android and iOS apps, but with the JavaScript we already know and love. As an agency we need to stay efficient and React Native lets us to do exactly that using a single codebase to release cross-platform mobile applications. React Native takes everything we love about our favorite web framework and applies it to native mobile development. Who doesn’t love an easy, awesome translation like that?


When looking for an all-in-one solution for our clients, we turn to Angular. It’s a complete frontend framework that is incredibly reliable. Angular is great for clients that are looking for stability without relying too heavily on third-party modules for necessary functionality. Its opinionated stance on how to do common tasks means our team (and yours) doesn’t have to re-invent the wheel on every project.


Since JavaScript is already our language of choice on the frontend, Node.js lets us bring our expertise to the rest of the stack. With its event driven, I/O model, Node.js allows us to build fast, scalable applications for clients with 10 users or 1,000. Not to mention, npm is the most popular package manager out there. It’s an open-source, shared repository of ready-to-use Node.js tools and modules. It helps us install and maintain the packages we use to make our code more efficient, and provides an easy interface to work with them. By utilizing npm, we can go from nothing to something in record time.

So whatever you are building, we know we have the tools to get the job done and get it done right. If you are interested in seeing how these technologies have helped bring some great ideas to fruition, check out our work page. We are also hiring so if you are an expert in any of these technologies check out our jobs page.